004 termini e condizioni

1. The Aim of the contract

Blue Limousine provides a public service solely for the transportation of individuals and small groups. The service cannot be used for the sole transportation of goods.
The aim of the service is to offer an additional service to that of the public scheduled transport (i.e. taxis, buses, trains).

2. Territorial limits

The service provided by Blue Limousine is not subject to restrictions within the Italian territory. Blue Limousine can transport passengers to a destination outside Italy and can also carry out the return journey from another country into Italy. It is not possible, however, to carry out journeys that start and end in a foreign country.

3. Types of services

The public transport service provided by Blue Limousine can be charged both per trip and per time.
Quotes for each of the two types of services will be communicated to you exclusively by e-mail, in response to your request sent to our customer service.

4. Booking

The car and driver rental service provided by Blue Limousine must be booked by the client only in the manner specified in the section “booking the service”.

5. Terms for requesting a quote

The request for a quote must be submitted within 24 hours of the service start time.
The service start time is considered to be the pick-up time indicated by you in the request.
The request must be done through the form available in the section “Request a quote”.
Late requests (less than 24 hours before a pick up time) will be processed only at the discretion of Blue Limousine’s customer service.

Terms for booking the service

The service can be booked by you up to six hours before the service start time.
The service start time is considered to be the pick up time indicated by you in the request.
Late bookings will only be accepted at the discretion of Blue Limousine.

6. Booking refusal

Blue Limousine has the right to refuse a booking in the following cases:

  • non profitable service;
  • transport of large animals, except guide dogs for the blind;
  • overnight service (between midnight and 4am).

7. Service charges

The service charge will be agreed between the parties directly with Blue Limousine in the rental agreement.
This price may vary only in the event of a request for additional services after the agreement has been made. In such a case both parties will agree on a supplementary charge.
The price will include the car and driver rental fee, highway tolls, fuel, parking costs, and any other potential tolls.
10% VAT will be applied to the total price.

8. Payment

On booking the Blue Limousine service you will be required to pay a deposit of 30% of the total agreed price, which will be directly debited using the Pay Pal service.
Payment must take place at the end of the service, in cash or by credit/debit card.
In the case of a promotion or limited special offer, different payment methods may apply. Separate instructions for payment will be issued to you if such is the case.
Blue Limousine cannot accept payments by cheque.

9. Cancellation of service

If a cancellation is requested 48 hours or more before the start of the service, you will not be charged and Blue Limousine will return the full deposit paid at the time of booking, minus any credit card or bank expenses, if applicable.
For all bookings cancelled between 24 and 48 hours before the pick up time, however, the deposit will be non-refundable.
For cancellations less than 24 hours before the start of the service, you will be required to pay the full agreed price, which must be directly paid through PayPal service.

10. Performing the service

Blue Limousine endeavors to ensure that the service it provides is to the high standards it has always maintained. However, if for some unforeseen circumstance we cannot provide a service ourselves, we may involve the collaboration of subcontracted vehicles, which, nonetheless, can also guarantee a high quality service equal to our own.
In this case the payment will still be made in favour of Blue Limousine as the contracting party, for the amount agreed.

11. Late arrival of the passenger

In the event of a passenger’s late arrival, the first 59 minutes of waiting time are free of charge. From 60 minutes, however, the passenger will be required to pay the waiting time per hour (and not fractions of an hour) regardless of the reasons for the late arrival. The waiting time will be charged at the rate of € 35 per hour in the case of Mercedes E class and € 45 per hour in the case of Mercedes V Class, VAT included.
If, however, you inform Blue Limousine of your late arrival by e-mail or sms at least four hours beforehand, the pick up time will be updated and the service will be paid as from the new pickup time.

12. The transportation of children

Blue Limousine will only transport children aged between 0 and 12 years if they are accommodated in an approved car seat.
Therefore, it must be indicated if there are passengers less than 12 years of age when requesting a quote and/or booking a car, in order to arrange the provision of the car seat(s).
The car seat(s) will not require a supplementary charge.
Blue Limousine will not accept unaccompanied children on board.

13. Refusal on board

Blue Limousine reserves the right to refuse to board passengers or discontinue the service in the following circumstances:

  • if the passenger poses a threat, either physically or verbally, to any of the chauffeurs, vehicles or any other passengers;
  • if the passenger does not observe the smoking ban on board ;
  • if the passenger is under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Blue Limousine may also refuse to board any luggage that contains dangerous goods prohibited by law.
In the case of such an event the passenger will be obliged to pay the total agreed fee in favour of Blue Limousine.